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Target of the week: Churchill the dog

September 22, 2008

I am starting a section called the target of the week which basically is what picture I will be using as target practace for this week. This is obviously just a bit of fun and is not meant to condone irresponsable use of weaponary.

Who: Churchill the dog is the mascott for brittish insurance company churchill. His desighn is based on the once popular nodding dogs that were placed in cars and nodded as a result of the motion of the car. His trademark is saying “ohhh yes!” or “oh no,no,no,no”. He spends his days roaming the british isles accepting the challenges of its residents in the arena of car insurance pricing.

Why: the company he represents is sending me spam mail. Dispite my never owning a car, or even possesing a licence, it is the time AGAIN to for me to select my car nsurance provider. Again.

I challenge your aim

I challenge your aim


Tokyo Mauri

September 22, 2008

There is this company called tokyo Mauri that produces soft air (fires ball bearings) versions of real guns. They come in gas powerd and electric (battery) varieties. The gas powerd ones are apparently high maintenence. Plastic versions of handguns are priced at 3000yen while metal versions are upward of 20000yen. I have a plastic battery powerd desert eagle which is fun to shoot because it features a fair bit of recoil.

BAPE London and The Hideout stock 15/01/2008

January 15, 2008

New in busy works today is crew neck sweaters and hoodies with ape head logo and baby milo printed on the chest. You don’t want to turn your back on someone while wearing the baby milo item. Sure you might get robbed, but I think you should be more worried about someone finding out you have “baby milo says mama mama” printed on your back. It’s kind of disturbing when you consider that every catalog (from spring/summer 2007 ver1.1 anyway) has offered Japanese readers the opportunity to mail order a T shirt depicting baby milo getting intimate with baby lisa.

This season also sees the introduction of a more sophisticated bag (the kind they put the item you buy in, I’m not talking about an actual item here) that is similar to the ones the hideout uses. It has brown/red/blue tartan print (that was on the cover of the autum/winter 2007 catalogs) with a white ape head in the corner. Speaking of the hideout, they have lots of nice billionaire boys club items not featured on the store website such as the blue robot and leather hoodies, las vegas strip and poker casino jackets and black/yellow and yellow boardflips.

What’s the bloody problem?

January 14, 2008

I’ve noticed that computer game critics only care about the moral implications of bloodshed when blood is visually being shed. An example is my father, who declared that he would not play bioshock but was enthusiastic about playing call of duty 4. They are both excellent so I was interested why he didn’t want to play one of them. He said that it was because of the gore. This may seem fair, some people don’t like gore. After all my mother doesn’t: rather sweetly branding bioshock “nasty” (no Oedipus). However he seems to have a moral objection to games known for their gory content, especially Resident Evil. One day I was playing it when I light heatedly pointed out the ethical implications of the song he was singing, the lyrics of which had the wrighter indulging in drugs and promisquous  sex, when he replied that I was not in a position to comment on morality playing the game that I was. He has viewed both games and is therefore familiar with their content and yet has formed this negative opinion of one and not the other.

The fact that computer game critics only seem to care about stopping gory games from being present in stores strikes me as odd. Jack Thompson describes the games he objects, such as manhunt 2, to as “murder simulators” and yet I believe that the release of Halo 3 and call of duty 4, among others, without any objections. He states that computer games desensitise people to violence but shouldn’t  gore be encouraged on the grounds that it shows the consequence of violence, as opposed to games that have you slaughtering crowds of enemy’s without a pixel of animated blood being spilled?

I have no objections to violence and gore in computer games and am by no means a supporter of Jack Thompson, The Guardian newspaper or anyone similer. This article aims to highlight the double standards of computer games critics and how they ALL SUCK.

Thanks for reading. 

*A Bathing Ape spring/summer collection 2008: maybe HypeBeast has a point.

January 11, 2008

I’ve noticed that hypebeast (an online streetware magazine) has been pretty anti BAPE lately, with every news entry concerning the company containing some unfriendly comment, such as labeling the leather shark parka “obnoxious”; an exception being the items generated by the collaboration with spongebob squarepants which they seem to be enthusiastic about (I don’t see the attraction: of the items or the character and program). I have a number of theories about the reasons behind this rise in hostility. One is that it has become prehaps too popular and undesirable people started wearing it (I was so close to burning my collection when I heared that that retard soulja boy was affiliating himself with BAPE, I exagerate but I really hate him and his mentally retarded  music -check DSMIV, it is- and hope that he experiences an unfortunate accident that either takes away his ability to proceed with his carrer or at least hurts him A WHOLE LOT). 

A second reason is that Nigo (the founder, owner and chief designer of BAPE) doesn’t really seem to be trying. Alot of the items are just using the brands varying logos and prints and some are just the exact same items as last season but in a different form, for example: the ape face sweater was a zip up last season and now is a pull over this season,. The fact is, and this is probably what is irritating the hypebeast team, that the company can. The items are produced in such small amounts that not all the fans who want an item can get it and are therefore delighted (myself included) at having another opportunity at getting it. It just seems that they are kind of abusing this to fill out their season.

That said, this season looks more promising than the last (autumn/winter 2007). This can be concluded simply from the print of the new catalog cover : bape camo with larger, bolder “splodges” (for lack of better term) with shooting stars (or should it be STAs?) chucked in (is this new? It looks sort of familiar) and a sort of futurist, fractured all over print.

Is your style better than Nigo’s standard coordinate?                                                                                                                       Can you pull off the grown up look with casually?                                                                                                 

The important thing is to be yourself, incongurance is a bitch.

Thanks for reading.                                                                                                                   


P.S. Incongerance is the depressed kind of feeling you get when you arn’t being true to yourself.                                                

         DSMVI is the fourth edition of the official manual psychologists use in diagnosing psychiatric disorders. According      to this if you have an IQ (intelligence quota: universal measure of intelligence) of under 75 (the average is 100) you’re mentally retarded. Tell me I’m wrong about Soulja boy. Oh, and I know about, and am ashamed of, my poor spelling so don’t bother pointing that out when thinking about my soulja boy is stupid comments. And I don’t really mean him harm.


An introduction to me

January 10, 2008

As you have no doubt concluded my name is not upper james. It is the name of my favorate street in London (at the moment anyway), because of the shops on this street. One is London’s Busy Works store, because I LOVE *A Bathing Ape, and another streetwear store called The Hideout. Mylove of the clothing sold at these stores stems from my love of all things Japanese, especially the music. My favorate bands and singers are Hikaru Utada, Capsule and High and Mighty Colour (it’s probebly spelt the american way but THEY CAN’T SPELL DAMMIT it’s not as if I have anything angainst americans its just they are so much fun to poke fun at!). My interest in Japaneese music started mostly started because of a growing disatisfaction with the poor quality of western music, especially what’s populer in London (what the hell is indie pop?). 

I am a Psychology student in my second year of my undergraduate course. It’s interesting and the salary for the jobs in the field isn’t bad. It’s not that hard either. When I’m not doing the stupid ammount of coursework we’re expected to do I like playing computer games, and I hope to keep this blog updated with things about my interests, social commentery and whatever else I feel like posting.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you enjoy it.