Target of the week: Churchill the dog

I am starting a section called the target of the week which basically is what picture I will be using as target practace for this week. This is obviously just a bit of fun and is not meant to condone irresponsable use of weaponary.

Who: Churchill the dog is the mascott for brittish insurance company churchill. His desighn is based on the once popular nodding dogs that were placed in cars and nodded as a result of the motion of the car. His trademark is saying “ohhh yes!” or “oh no,no,no,no”. He spends his days roaming the british isles accepting the challenges of its residents in the arena of car insurance pricing.

Why: the company he represents is sending me spam mail. Dispite my never owning a car, or even possesing a licence, it is the time AGAIN to for me to select my car nsurance provider. Again.

I challenge your aim

I challenge your aim



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