BAPE London and The Hideout stock 15/01/2008

New in busy works today is crew neck sweaters and hoodies with ape head logo and baby milo printed on the chest. You don’t want to turn your back on someone while wearing the baby milo item. Sure you might get robbed, but I think you should be more worried about someone finding out you have “baby milo says mama mama” printed on your back. It’s kind of disturbing when you consider that every catalog (from spring/summer 2007 ver1.1 anyway) has offered Japanese readers the opportunity to mail order a T shirt depicting baby milo getting intimate with baby lisa.

This season also sees the introduction of a more sophisticated bag (the kind they put the item you buy in, I’m not talking about an actual item here) that is similar to the ones the hideout uses. It has brown/red/blue tartan print (that was on the cover of the autum/winter 2007 catalogs) with a white ape head in the corner. Speaking of the hideout, they have lots of nice billionaire boys club items not featured on the store website such as the blue robot and leather hoodies, las vegas strip and poker casino jackets and black/yellow and yellow boardflips.


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