*A Bathing Ape spring/summer collection 2008: maybe HypeBeast has a point.

I’ve noticed that hypebeast (an online streetware magazine) has been pretty anti BAPE lately, with every news entry concerning the company containing some unfriendly comment, such as labeling the leather shark parka “obnoxious”; an exception being the items generated by the collaboration with spongebob squarepants which they seem to be enthusiastic about (I don’t see the attraction: of the items or the character and program). I have a number of theories about the reasons behind this rise in hostility. One is that it has become prehaps too popular and undesirable people started wearing it (I was so close to burning my collection when I heared that that retard soulja boy was affiliating himself with BAPE, I exagerate but I really hate him and his mentally retarded  music -check DSMIV, it is- and hope that he experiences an unfortunate accident that either takes away his ability to proceed with his carrer or at least hurts him A WHOLE LOT). 

A second reason is that Nigo (the founder, owner and chief designer of BAPE) doesn’t really seem to be trying. Alot of the items are just using the brands varying logos and prints and some are just the exact same items as last season but in a different form, for example: the ape face sweater was a zip up last season and now is a pull over this season,. The fact is, and this is probably what is irritating the hypebeast team, that the company can. The items are produced in such small amounts that not all the fans who want an item can get it and are therefore delighted (myself included) at having another opportunity at getting it. It just seems that they are kind of abusing this to fill out their season.

That said, this season looks more promising than the last (autumn/winter 2007). This can be concluded simply from the print of the new catalog cover : bape camo with larger, bolder “splodges” (for lack of better term) with shooting stars (or should it be STAs?) chucked in (is this new? It looks sort of familiar) and a sort of futurist, fractured all over print.

Is your style better than Nigo’s standard coordinate?                                                                                                                       Can you pull off the grown up look with casually?                                                                                                 

The important thing is to be yourself, incongurance is a bitch.

Thanks for reading.                                                                                                                   


P.S. Incongerance is the depressed kind of feeling you get when you arn’t being true to yourself.                                                

         DSMVI is the fourth edition of the official manual psychologists use in diagnosing psychiatric disorders. According      to this if you have an IQ (intelligence quota: universal measure of intelligence) of under 75 (the average is 100) you’re mentally retarded. Tell me I’m wrong about Soulja boy. Oh, and I know about, and am ashamed of, my poor spelling so don’t bother pointing that out when thinking about my soulja boy is stupid comments. And I don’t really mean him harm.



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